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All information about saxophones on this site is supplied freely. For sax players everywhere, whether new or old, we aim to provide you with as much information as we can about the sax.

All playing information is gathered from personal experience and we would also like other players experiences and information. Here you will find information on all topics relating to the sax.

Some of the information we aim to provide you with:

Saxophone Fingering Charts? We've got it covered

fingering chart
From bottom B to top F you'll find a fingering chart for all the keying positions right here. So relax and take your time to study and learn all the positions necessary to utilise the full range of your sax.

Once you've got the fingerings mastered you can move onto scales. Take the time to learn them. Most bands will expect you to know them. If you don't know them you will struggle to play in key.

Saxophone Effects

If you are interested in playing sax then really you should know a little about the different effects you can acheive with it. Whether you want a subtle notebend for a sexy lick or you want a more in your face full on growl for a rocking blues sound we'll show you the basics of getting that sound.

Adolphe Sax

Adolphe Sax
As a budding saxophone player it is your duty to learn a little about the guy who started it all.

Adolphe Sax was an un-assuming man with a vision.

Thankfully, despite many setbacks and doubters his vision became a reality. This was mainly due to his own perserverence and determination.

If he hadn't been the man he was then the sax may never have come into existence. Can you imagine that? Music without the saxophone? I shudder to think of it.

Whilst this site is aimed mainly at beginners or those with an interest in starting we welcome comments from all Sax Players out there, new or old.

Yes, we want to hear from you. We welcome comments on everything from playing style and tone to reeds and mouthpieces.

If you have a problem or something is happening when you play and you are not sure whether it should be then ask the question via our comments page and we will do our best to answer you.

Saxophones are fantastic and easy to learn to play. Once you've got your embouchre sorted there should be no stopping you developing your sound and with practice who knows where you'll end up. The subway tunnel is not what I was thinking!

Seriously, if you put the practice in the rewards are immense. Whether you learn to play because it's something you always wanted to do or because you believe it to be the best instrument around and want to showcase your talent we would like to think there will be something of use to you on this site. If the isn't then tell us and we'll do our best to add it.

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Famous Players

Listing some of the most famous players around.

Just who is the greatest? Is your favourite on there? If not let us know and we will add them

Sax Embouchre

Failing to get a sound? Horrible squeaks when you play. Can't hit the highs or the lows?

Saxophone Embouchre

Take a look at our embouchre guide to see if it can help.

Sax Songs

Take some time out from your quest to play saxophone and have a listen to some of the more well known sax songs around.

Saxophone Songs

From smooth jazz to a little bit of scar there should be something to suit your taste.

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