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Alto Saxophone Fingering Charts

Below are the next set of Tenor and Alto saxophone fingering charts. Study the charts and then try all the notes. These particular saxophone fingering positions relate to the lower and mid range of the saxophone.

You should have very little problem hitting all the notes listed. However, if you struggle on one note then find a note you can play and then either work up or down to the note you struggle with and you should find it easier.

Don't forget that a lower note will need more support than a higher note. You may want to practice going from a D to an A and vice versa to remind yourself of the difference. Remember also to go up and down the scales.

Tenor and Alto Saxophone Fingering Charts

Saxophone Fingering Charts

Alto and Tenor Saxophone Fingering Charts

Saxophone Fingering Charts
Yamaha Saxophone

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Saxophone Effects

If you are interested in playing sax and are currently learning the tenor and alto sax fingering charts then really you should know a little about the different effects you can acheive with it. Whether you want a subtlenotebend for a sexy lick or you want a more in your face full on growl for a rocking blues sound we'll show you the basics of getting that sound.

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Sax Scales

Listing the major scales for saxophone.

If you want to take your playing to another level you really do need to learn your scales.

Saxophone Scales

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