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Contrabass Saxophone

The Contrabass Saxophone. Of the different types of saxohpone in the saxophone family this is one big saxophone. At around 6 1/2 feet long it is the biggest around today. (A true working version of the Sub-Contrabass has never been built)

Contrabass is a general term and in relation to the sax only actually means it is pitched one octave below bass.

The contrabass sax is currently being made by those wonderful fellows at Benedikt Eppelshiem and the sound is truly amazing. It's worth a trip to the site just to hear and see it being played. (They have video examples)

Again I have never had the pleasure. They are a rare instrument with production per year in single figures and a total world wide presence numbering in the 20's.

Contrabass Sax. A big saxophone!

Contrabass Saxophone

Photograph by kind courtesey of Angeline Evans.

I can only imagine at the breath support required to hit the lower notes. The fingerings look quite comfortable though. A price I've seen being thrown around is as much as $45,000. Not really an instrument for beginners or to 'have a quick go' on, although I would love to.

The contrabass sax has a rather hefty weight of about 45 pounds and from what I've seen is played whilst it is on a stand which would make perfect sense. Good luck to anyone who wants a contrabass saxophone or has one. I am jealous and would love one myself

Sadly with the hefty price tag I reckon it's something that most of us will never have the pleasure of experiencing. Still our dreams can always be filled big, big saxophones. The bigger and louder the better.

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