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Pictures Of Saxophones

Here are the last five pictures of saxophones showing the bigger end of the different types of saxophones available today in the saxophone family. These are the big guns producing a deep and rich tone. The Tenor is about 3 1/2 foot long up to the Tubax that comes in at around 6 feet

Looking at the bottom pictures of saxophones the larger they are the bigger the price tag, the more bends and the rarer the instrument. They have to bend them. It would be pretty impractical to have a saxophone of these sizes that was straight.

As they are the larger end of the types of saxophones in the saxophone family they require much more breath support so strong lungs are recommended

If you don't yet play saxophone but have the desire then may I suggest you stick to the either the Alto or the Tenor sax. The Tenor is the first one in the pictures of saxophones. If you go venturing into the Baritone and below you may struggle to give the required breath support for the lower notes.

Saxophone Pictures

The saxophone pictures start with the Tenor sax, one of the most common saxophones around today.

There are currently 10 different types of saxophones around. Below are the last five with a link at the bottom to take you to view the previous set of saxophone pics.

Pictures Of Saxophones - Tenor Saxophone

Pictures Of Saxophones - Baritone Saxophone

Picture courtesey of Sylenius. Reproduced under the GNU free document licence

Saxophones Pictures - Bass Saxophone

Picture courtesey of Jay Easton

Pictures Of Saxophones - Contrabass Saxophone

Picture courtesey of Angeline Evans

Saxophone Pictures - Tubax (Sub-Contrabass Saxophone)

Picture courtesey of Jay Easton

Different Types Of Saxophones

If you've heard a sax playing and you are now dying to play one then it it highly likely that the sound you heard was either an Alto or a Tenor. Why? Because they are the most commonly produced of the different types of saxophones around.

Saxophone prices vary wildly. If you are new to this then most people will recommend a student sax from the likes of Yamaha, Keilworth or Trevor James.

Shopping around will show you that there are cheaper saxes to be had, mostly chinese made. Approach with care is required for these horns. Read reviews about them, get one with a returns guarantee and try not to buy one from ebay. Some are good value, some are not.

The C Melody sax, although not a newcomer, has not been around for a while and production has only just recommenced. I can't give an opinion on it's playability. It falls inbetween the Alto and Tenor so should be favourable to play but is a bit of an unknown quantity at the moment. Personally I hope it does well. Any instrument that takes away the need to transpose music can't be too much of a bad thing.

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