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Below are some saxophone books that give you sax lessons and should help you in you journey to learn to play saxophone. I have my own opinions about what makes good saxophone books but would also be interested in hearing your opinions as to which you think are good sax music books.

Please add your comments via the comments page. Try to pick sax books that not only tell you how to play the saxophone but also give you guidance on how to read music and also differing playing styles. Eg. Blues and Jazz, Rock and Pop. A book that gives you songs and nothing else won't really help you progress unless you are already quite accomplished.

You can get saxophone books that come with play along cds. This is generally a good idea if you are new to music and struggle to recognize the tune you are trying to play. Picking up a sax book in todays market is quite difficult. Check out the rating for each saxophone book and read the reviews.

One I've used before is ' The Complete Saxophone Player' omnibus edition. It starts you right at the beginning and takes you through all the fingerings along with alternate fingerings. It covers different playing styles with various tunes to learn and it also has a free fingering chart with it. It's written by Raphael Ravenscroft. He's the guy responsible for the Baker Street solo. If you don't know what 'Baker Street' is, it's in the sax songs part of this website.

It's always a good thing to have a sax book to refer to if you are struggling. If you have a teacher ask them which book they think you should buy or what you should look out for when buying. If you are looking at completing music grades you should check out the grade studies available. If you wish to submit a review for a saxophone book please click here. If you prefer why not get yourself a sax dvd to help you or a sax cd to listen to just to remind you why you started playing

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Learn Music

Can't read music? No idea what a staff is or what to do with it?

Saxophone Music

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Sax Embouchre

Failing to get a sound? Horrible squeaks when you play. Can't hit the highs or the lows?

Saxophone Embouchre

Take a look at our embouchre guide to see if it can help.

Saxophone Songs

Take some time out from your quest to play saxophone and have a listen to some of the more well known sax songs around.

Saxophone Songs

From smooth jazz to a little bit of scar there should be something to suit your taste.

Saxophone Breathing

Running out of puff when you are playing? Heavy breathing becoming the norm?

Diaphragmatic Breathing

Learn about diaphragmatic breathing to help control your breath and enhance your tone.

Saxophone CD's

Had enough of playing or your jaw just won't let you play anymore?

Saxophone CD's

Take a bit of time out choose a cd and listen to your favourite players

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