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Saxophone Fingering Charts

The following are saxophone fingering charts showing all notes from bottom Bb all the way up to top F. Please note if you are looking for an Alto fingering chart or a Tenor Sax chart the list below covers both. Fingerings are the same.

If you don't know how to read a fingering chart please study the image below. The keys are set out as if you were standing directly in front of the sax with the keys facing you.

This is not the definitive list. There are many alternate fingering positions for the different notes. It may be that your teacher will show you some others. I have kept the list down to one fingering position per note purely for simplicity. If you are new and learning it would only confuse things for you and wouldn't help you to advance any.

You may struggle as you go higher up or lower down the scales. I suggest you be patient and take your time. Remember, the lower you go the more air support the note will need. The higher you go the less it will need.

Your embouchre should also be changing as you go up and down, becoming a little tighter for the higher notes and looser for the lower notes.

Tenor and Alto Saxophone Fingering Charts

Saxophone Fingering Chart

Tenor and Alto Saxophone Fingering Charts

Saxophone Fingering Chart
Yamaha Saxophone

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Saxophone Effects

If you are interested in playing sax and are currently learning the tenor and alto saxophone fingering charts then really you should know a little about the different effects you can acheive with it. Whether you want a subtlenotebend for a sexy lick or you want a more in your face full on growl for a rocking blues sound we'll show you the basics of getting that sound.

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Sax Scales

Listing the major scales for saxophone.

If you want to take your playing to another level you really do need to learn your scales.

Saxophone Scales

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