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Saxophone Parts

Saxophone parts are many. At first glance you may look at the parts of the saxophone and think how on earth does that work? Or even how on earth am I going to play it?

Well, dont despair. It's not as complicated to play as it looks. If all the working parts were hidden and you only saw the keys you would probably think you could play it easily and the truth is you can.

The Four Basic Parts Of The Saxophone

There are only four basic parts of the saxophone everything else is really about making the keys work easily so you don't have to move your hands up and down the sax to play.
  • 1. The Neck
  • 2. The Body
  • 3. The Bow
  • 4. The Bell

Everything else is then added to these four basic parts of a saxophone.

Saxophone Parts

Saxophone Necks

I've given a page over to saxophone necks purely because it is possibly the most vital part of any saxophone. It shapes the flow of air going through the saxophone and will have a big impact on the sound you get back.

Given this saxophone manufacturers have made many options available for the neck. If you wish to read about the neck follow the link.

Saxophone Pictures Of Saxophone Parts

Now some saxophone pictures of the more important saxophone parts. The keys. Something we all need to know if we are going to learn to play. The keys come in two main groups. One for the left hand and one for the right hand. The saxophone pictures below show the two main groupings.

Basic Parts Of A Saxophone. Left Hand Keys

Saxophone Parts
There is a key not shown on this picture and that is the octave key. This is at the back of the main grouping and is used by your left thumb with a rocking motion.

Basic Parts Of The Saxophone. Right Hand Keys

Saxophone Parts
One thing to bear in mind with this picture is that older saxes may not have the F# key. It is a quite recent addition to the saxophone.

There are many more detailed saxophone parts but for playing purposes the above saxophone parts are really all you need to know. We'll leave the technical stuff to those trained to repair them. Now go and start playing.

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Famous Players

Listing some of the most famous players around.

Just who is the greatest? Is your favourite on there? If not let us know and we will add them

Fingering Charts

From bottom B to top F you'll find a fingering chart for all the keying positions right here.

fingering chart

So relax and take your time to study and learn all the positions necessary to utilise the full range of your sax.

Sax Embouchre

Failing to get a sound? Horrible squeaks when you play. Can't hit the highs or the lows?

Saxophone Embouchre

Take a look at our embouchre guide to see if it can help.

Sax Songs

Take some time out from your quest to play saxophone and have a listen to some of the more well known sax songs around.

Saxophone Songs

From smooth jazz to a little bit of scar there should be something to suit your taste.

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