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Saxophone Pictures

Below are some saxophone pictures showing the different types of saxophones available today in the saxophone family. I've tried to cover all angles in the pictures of saxophones but you can bet there's one somewhere I don't know about.

They range from the smallest sax which is just over a foot long to the largest which is over 6 1/2 feet long.

The smaller or larger they are the bigger the price and the rarer the instrument. Note that they come as either straight or curved, the curved being the more well known shape and definitely the sexier looking sax.

The smaller they are the harder they are to play and the firmer the embouchre required to play them. The larger they are the more breath support required.

If you don't yet play saxophone but have the desire then may I suggest you stick to the either the Alto or the Tenor sax. If you go venturing into the Soprano and above you will probably lose heart. These are fairly difficult instruments to play and can be difficult to play in tune.

Pictures Of Saxophones

The pictures of saxophones start with the smallest sax, this being the Sopranissimo, Soprillo or Piccolo Saxophone. The smallest and possibly the hardest to play in the saxophone family.

There are currently 10 different types of saxophones around. Below are the first five with a link at the bottom to take you to view the next set of saxophone pictures.

Pictures of Saxophones - Soprillo Saxophone

Saxophone Pics - Sopranino Saxophone

Saxophone Pictures - Soprano Saxophone

Saxophone Pics - Alto Saxophone

Saxophone Pics - C Melody Saxophone

Picture courtesey of Aquila Sax

Different Types Of Saxophones

These are just the first five different types of saxophones. To see the rest of the saxophone family click on the link below and it will take you to the remaining pictures of saxophones in the saxophone family. These are the big guns.

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Famous Players

Listing some of the most famous players around.

Just who is the greatest? Is your favourite on there? If not let us know and we will add them

Sax Embouchre

Failing to get a sound? Horrible squeaks when you play. Can't hit the highs or the lows?

Saxophone Embouchre

Take a look at our embouchre guide to see if it can help.

Sax Songs

Take some time out from your quest to play saxophone and have a listen to some of the more well known sax songs around.

Saxophone Songs

From smooth jazz to a little bit of scar there should be something to suit your taste.

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