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Saxophone prices generally reflect the quality of the saxophone. I want to give you some idea of what you can expect to pay for a sax nowadays with a quick sax price guide for new saxophones and a little bit of information for used saxophone prices.

If we take the most common sax around today, the alto sax, prices can range from less than £200 and climb steeply up to at least £3000.

If we look at the tenor sax again we can start at around £200 and again go over £3000 and higher

What you pay should reflect the quality but that is not always the case. Sometimes you can get a real bargain, and sometimes, sadly you can buy a dog.

This best way to combat a bad sax is to play it first or get a named brand.

Saxophone Price Guide

  • Gear For Music Alto Sax - Starting at £190
  • SMS(Student Music Spplies) Academy Alto Sax - Starting at £209
  • Selmer USA - Starting at around £290+
  • Trevor James - Starting at around £350+
  • Earlham - Starting at around £450+
  • Keilworth - Starting at around £600+
  • Yamaha YAS275 - Starting at around £600+
  • Yanigasawa - Starting at around £1400+
  • Selmer Paris - Starting at around £1600+

The sax price guide above is only an approximation and thats all it can be. Shopping around will help you to find bargins.

Bargins aside though make sure you have a money back guarantee when you buy. For saxophones that are not a known named brand I wouldn't venture into the online auction market as you really have no clue what you are going to get.

I can by no means recommend any of the above saxes over any other however the best guarantee I've seen is with SMS Music Academy who offer 21 days. This gives you enough time to have it played by a teacher to obtain a decent opinion on it's playability.

For the sake of a tenor sax you can generally add around £50 - £150 for the comparative model.

Soprano and higher and baritone and lower add around £150+ to the price of the comparitive model. This figure grows dependant upon the rareity of the sax.

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