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Free Saxophone Sheet Music

So how do you get free saxophone sheet music? Well, whether you are looking for free tenor sax sheet music or alto sax sheet music check out the guide below to help you find what you are looking for.

saxophone sheet music

So what are the options? Well in reality free saxophne sheet music is quite rare. The obvious reason for this is the fact that all composers want paying for their work.

Imagine if you had written the Pink Panther theme and then got nothing for it. Almost everyone who owns a saxophone has, at one time or another, tried to play it and it's used all the time on TV.

How annoyed would you be if you wrote a great piece of music that everyone then played because they thought it was great as well. But you receive nothing for it. Except maybe recognition.

That's why when you type in 'free sax sheet music' it's rare you will actually find any free sheet music.

Free Saxophone Sheet Music Options

You do have options available to you if you are looking for free saxophone sheet music. Try some of the ones listed below as a starting point.

Saxophone Sheet Music. Option One

Buy a good saxophone teaching book. Why? Because a good book will have plenty of sax songs and solos for you to practice on. Plus most of these songs will be well known.

For example, I bought the full Pink Panther transcript. The cost was £9.00. I bought a sax book some 190 pages long for around £20 and it had a transcript of the Pink Panther in it along with many other well known sax solos.

Ok, so I didn't get the full music score but I got the impotant bit. You know, the bit at the start that everyone wants to play. The important bit! As far as music scores go a good book will offer you the best value for money. Sure you may not get the full score but you will get an idea of it and once you get better you will probably be able to guess the rest.

Free Saxophone Sheet Music. Option Two

Go to the music sites selling sax sheet music. Some of these offer the opportunity to preview the first page of the sheet music you are interested in. A valuable resource here. You can usually get to see the first, and usually most important part of what you want to play. Not only wil it give you an idea of the keying but it also means you can play it and decide if it's actually what you want.

Free Saxophone Sheet Music. Option Three

Look for sheet music where the copyright has expired or is public domain. Public domain means anyone can use it. There are sites out the that will give you public domain information. Just type public domain music or something similar into your browser. Bear in mind it's not going to be modern or up to date. Most public domain music is classical and from the early 1900's or even earlier. So it's unlikely you will find any jazz, blues or rock and pop.

Free Saxophone Sheet Music. Option Four

Write it yourself. Why not. It's not too difficult. Learn the basics of sheet music, pick a note and start playing. You could come up with the next Pink Panther or Baker Street. There are lots of resources offering free blank music sheets that you can format to suit. Go on, give it a try. Once wriiten post the sheet music for saxophone here and we'll all play it. No royalties though!

Saxophone Sheet Music. Option Five

Final option. Just buy it. If it's a piece of saxophone sheet music you've always wanted to play you might as well just splash the cash. You will get the full score and will be able to play it over and over and over until you get it right. The neighbours will complain, the dog will howl and the rest of the family will abandon you, but hey, at least you nailed it.

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