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The following is a list of saxophone songs or tunes with video displaying the many different types of saxophone sound and saxophone tone.

The aim is to show the versatility of the sax and how often it is utilized in music.

If you have a favourite piece and it is not on the list let us know and we'll add it if we can find it.

Naturally the list is slightly tainted in our own favour at the moment and swings heavily toward tenor saxophone music, plus we have a bit of a thing for Sade but you do have the opportunity to change and update it.

If your favourite saxophone sounds are not there then let us know. With some of the saxophone solo parts you are going to have to go through the song to find the saxophone parts.

Pink Panther - Original Tenor Sax by Plas Johnson

Is this without doubt the most well known saxophone songs of all time? Is there anyone young or old who hasn't heard it or a sax player who's tried to play this sax solo. I reckon I must have played it some 2 thousand times if not more. I doubt I'll ever be able to emulate Plas' dulcet tones though. But it isn't going to stop me trying!

Yakety Sax - Tenor Sax by Boots Randolph

Probably second in the list of well known saxophone songs. Due mainly to a chap called Benny Hill, some scantily clad women and a scene or two played at double speed.

One thing I should say, it's called YAKETY and not yackety, yackity, yakaty, yaketey, yaketi, yaketty, yakitty or even yakkety. Good, I've sorted that one out!

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