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Student Saxophone

What is a student saxophone? Well, i don't know where the term came from but probably the most well known saxophone makers who use the term are Yamaha and their 275 model.

A student sax is basically the base model of any manufacturers range. Almost all makers offer a student range of saxophones nowadays. The cheaper brands tend to market their saxophones as student models period.

I don't know whether this is to justify the low price tag or that it genuinely is built with students in mind.

I suspect it to be a marketing ploy. Make a cheap saxophone, add the label 'student' and no one will have a reason to query the low price. Plus you can then say "I have a student model" rather than "I have an ACME sax" Basically it sounds better

Which Student Saxophone?

Yamaha Saxophone

Which student sax to buy nowadays has got a whole lot harder. Companies everywhere tout their student model as the best on the market for the price

Listen to these reviews, especially from the company who makes them and you could end up being very disappointed

That said, in the last five years, the quality of these saxophones has shot up remarkably

A Quick root around the web and you will find many independent saxophone players singing the praises of their particular student horn.

Most, if not all of the cheaper student horns will have been made in China, China used to be a place renowned for poor quality of workmanship. However, not now. Time has moved on and so has the quality. So much so that several well known and reputable saxophone makers offer a chinese sax as their current student sax.

Buying A Student Sax

So will all the above in mind how do you actually know which student saxophone to buy?

Truth is, if you go on the web, or to a shop, without doing your home work you won't

There are plenty of people out there who will review saxophones and offer an honest opinion.

Use them. Read reviews about any saxophone you might fancy. If the majority are saying it's a wrongun then the obvious thing to do is look elsewhere

Some of the more common makes of student Saxophones

I can't endorse the following list as I haven't played them all. Yamaha are good. I've had one and no issues

The most common student saxophones are as follows:

  • Yanigasawa
  • Yamaha
  • Selmer USA
  • Keilwerth
  • Trevor James

I've no doubt there are others. The list refers to reputable dealers who offer a cheaper student horn.

Whatever you decide to buy in the student saxophone line take the time to do your homework.

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