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Tenor Saxophones

Tenor saxophones are the second most common type of sax around. If you are new and want a saxophone tenor is a good place to start. Tenor saxophone players include the likes of Stan Getz and Plas Johnson.

Yamaha Saxophone

Tenor sax are one of the two most commonly used saxophones around. Tenor and Alto saxs' account for the majority of saxophone sounds heard on music today.

The Tenor sax is generally more expensive than an Alto but still a good way into learning to play the saxophone for a beginner.

A good student saxophone like a Yamaha Tenor Sax can cost upwards of £600 and, if looked after properly, with regular servicing, it will last you many years.

A good named brand also holds its value well and generally demands a high re-sale value. As with the Alto saxophone there has been an influx of cheaper models of no specific branding being available for as little as £200. Again this can be even cheaper if you take a quick look through ebay.

These sax's can be almost of equal quality to a good named student sax. However 'buyer beware' is required here. Some offer remarkable quality for the price and some most definitely do not.

If you do find yourself being tempted by one of these take the time to read reviews on the web, some of which are impartial (SH Woodwind) and some of which try very hard to mislead you into buying a specific brand. Again, beware.

Buying Tenor Sax

The Tenor Sax is generally a Bb instrument and is offered at 3 different levels.
  • Student - Entry level sax. Cost £600+.
  • Intermediate - Mid range sax. Cost £1100+
  • Professional - Top level sax. Cost. The skies the limit!

Prices are an approximation. If you find something you like scour the web for other suppliers offering the same sax. Prices can vary wildy by as much as £250 for the same sax. This is especially true with Tenor Saxophones. I've seen a Student Yamaha on sale for £611 and then the same saxophone at another place for over £900.

Tenor Saxophone Fingering Chart

Tenor Saxophone Fingering Chart

Tenor Saxophone fingering charts are the same as alto sax.

If you are looking for a fingering or just want to practice we have fingering charts that cover all the main keyings from bottom B to top F.

Why not take a look now whether you want to learn some notes or just have a refresh.

Almost anybody can play Tenor Sax. However, if you are a parent with a budding youngster who longs to play sax a Tenor Sax may not be the suitable choice.

They are quite a large instrument, just over 3 1/2 feet long and being made of metal are quite hefty. The fingerings are bigger as well and the breath support required is more than an Alto. (They're also much louder!)

Realistically a child of less than ten would struggle with a Tenor. But I'm not here to put people off playing them.

They are a great instrument and my particular favourite. So if you just have to have one then go for it. But don't say you weren't warned! Once again, if you are not sure take a trip to our Saxophone songs pages to have a listen and then over to Utube to search Tenor Saxophone songs. That should give you a good idea of whether it's for you or not.

Free Tenor Saxophone Sheet Music

A question commonly asked is 'where can I get free tenor saxophone sheet music. The reality is that is is very limited and pretty much confined to classical or very early blues and jazz. It's not free for a very simple reason. Royalties. Something all musicians get for sales of their musical pieces.

If you are in the mood to look around for some free saxophone sheet music take a look at the sheet music page for options to find free sheet music.

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Sax Scales

Listing the major scales for saxophone.

Saxophone Scales

If you want to take your playing to another level you really do need to learn your scales.

Cheap Saxophones

Do you really get what you pay for with the cheap saxophones today?

Saxophone Scales

Have a read of the curremt state of play with cheap saxophones

Famous Players

Listing some of the most famous players around.

Just who is the greatest? Is your favourite on there? If not let us know and we will add them

Fingering Charts

From bottom B to top F you'll find a fingering chart for all the keying positions right here.

fingering chart

So relax and take your time to study and learn all the positions necessary to utilise the full range of your sax.

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