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Used Saxophone Mouthpieces

In the market for used saxophone mouthpieces? Looking out for a deal of deals? Want to get the best used sax mouthpiece your money can buy but don't know where to look or what to look for

Well read on and hopefully we will give you some guidance when looking to buy used saxophone mouthpieces so you don't get a dog and don't get disappointed.

The first thing you are going to have to think is where can you buy a used sax mouthpiece?

Used Saxophone mouthpieces

The reality of this is that the most likely place is ebay. Infact it's just about the only place that has a good supply.

Then you have to think about what type of saxophone you have. Don't go thinking an alto mouthpiece will fit a tenor sax. It usually won't, and even if it does it won't sound right.

Then there's the opening size. 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, C, C* etc etc.

What make do you want? Yamaha, Yanigasawa, Berg Larsen and so on.

What material do you want it made from? Plastic, ebonite, wood, metal?

What sound are you after? Rock, Jazz, Blues, Pop?

What Used Saxophone Mouthpieces should I buy?

Ok. So the choice is pretty much endless and you could happily spend hundreds looking for the right one

First things first. Know the sound you are after. Find famous players you like the sound of and find out what they play. That will give you a good indication of what mouthpiece to buy.

Don't however think you will sound the same. You might come close but it's unlikely you will be the same.

Also don't forget a new reed can change your tone so you might want to try a new reed first.

So we'll assume you want to buy some used saxophone mouthpieces

Go to ebay and you'll find loads of them. Do try to stay away from anything that isn't named. These used sax mouthpieces might seem like a good deal but you don't know what they sound like or if they are any good.

There is a lot of cheap nasty stuff out there so do yourself a favour and stick to named brands only.

Used Saxophone Mouthpieces Condition

When you view a used sax mouthpiece look hard at the pictures

The facing needs to be smooth and I mean smooth. A small but deep scratch can render it unplayable.

Check the tip and the edges. These need to be nick and dent free. Any nicks or dents will usually equate to squeaks. Not attractive when playing

Don't be put off by a dirty used saxophone mouthpiece. Dirt comes off and so what if it's dull. It may sound superb despite it's looks.

The same goes for older makes of mouthpiece. Just because a model has been superceded doesn't make it bad or unplayable.

Some people will happily take an older model over a newer model because they believe the sound of used saxophone mouthpieces are better than the newer used sax mouthpieces.

Finally, used saxophone mouthpieces can be relatively cheap. That is until you start buying one a week. Allow at least a couple of months for yourself to get used to the used sax mouthpiece before you decide it's no good and you need a new one

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