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How To Buy A Cheap Saxophone

Used saxophones are generally good value for money but a few things need to be taken into consideration when thinking of purchasing one. If you find yourself in the market for a new sax you may also want to consider a second hand saxophone.

Stick To A Named Brand Cheap Saxophone

If you are looking for a cheap saxophone then my personal opinion is that you should only stick to named brands. Why? Well if you consider that an unknown brand is more often than not chinese then you've really no guarantees.

Now there's nothing wrong with some of these saxes but think about it. They are cheap to buy new. Is someone who bought a cheap saxophone going to take much care of it? Do you think they will get it serviced? Clean it? Put it away after use? Probably not.

Yamaha Saxophone

A named brand will, most likely have been well looked after by the owner with regular cleaning and servicing.

What Price For A Used Saxophone?

There are many used saxophones for sale out there. Whether it be a used alto saxophone, a used tenor saxophone, a soprano or contrabass, bargins can be had.

Prices vary on the make of saxophone, the model, decoration, metal it is made of and the sound it makes.

If you are new to the world of saxophones do your research. There's little point paying out £1k+ for a sax only to loose interest a few weeks later.

A good make of tenor or alto can be had for as little as £400. That may seem expensive but bear in mind a well loved sax will last a lifetime.

You will also find that resale value will be high despite the fact that you bought it used. The most common makes around are Yamaha, Selmer, Keilworth and Yanigasawa.

Common Used Saxophones

If you are new you might want to look for a Yamaha YAS275 alto or a YTS275 tenor, Generally savings of around £200 can be made by buying Always ask questions when buying.
  • How long have you had it? - With the major brands you can check the serial number which will tell you the year of make.
  • When was it last serviced? - Don't take their word for it. They should have a receipt as proof.
  • Why are you selling? - If they've raved on about how good a sax it is they had better have a darn good reason for selling.
  • Any dings, dents or scratches? - Especially on the neck. The neck helps to shape the sound so it need to be dent free.

Check for normal wear and tear. A fifteen year old sax isn't going to be pristine. It may need repadding and will probably be carrying a few scratches.

Has it been re-lacquered? This can affect the sound. An old sax should not have body work as new. Play it. If you don't know how to then find someone who can.

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Cheap Saxophones Are Plentiful

Good second hand saxophones are plentiful. Take your time, shop around and you could easily find yourself a gem.

Whether you are after a used alto saxophone, used tenor saxophones or any other type of saxophone, applying a bit of common sense will probably see you pick up a good one

Bear in mind that a good named brand has cost the owner a considerable sum and as such is more likely to have been looked after over time.

Most saxophone players love their saxes and will spend whatever it takes to look after it. If you see an ad for a used saxophone stating 'I got this from my gran and it's been in the attic for years' be prepared to spend money on more than just the purchase price.

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